TypeScript Tip 💡 ️Did you know? You can assign field variables inline using TypeScript ✌️


Getting started with git 5 📣 Merging is bringing changes from separating branches together, this is quite common when more developers work on separate branches and need to bring all their additions together. Enjoy 😄


Vue Directive Shorthand Cheat Sheet! 👇


💛 JavaScript tip 💛 You can quickly filter out all falsy values from an array by combining filter with the Boolean constructor function. 👇🏻


If you want to automate an admin colour scheme based on the #WordPress environment type, you can do it with this code. Good as a mu-plugin.


TypeScript Tip 💡 If you cannot infer or define the type, use 'unknown' instead of 'any'. Using 'unknown' forces you to null-check or narrow the type before using it. 'unknown' is the type-safe counterpart of 'any'.


💛 JavaScript tip 💛 This is how you calculate the total sum of an array with only one line of code. 👇🏻


React Tip 💡 You can use 'React.Children.toArray' to let React automatically assign a key to its children.


🔥Cool Tip: How to get fonts and colors from any website. 1. Enable CSS Overview under settings > experiments > CSS Overview. (you should see a new CSS Overview tab after this) 2. Click on Capture Overview from CSS Overview tab. 3. Enjoy!


You can also skip command prompts when seeding the database by using -n flag #Laravel


Here's how you can use PHP's spread operator to merge two arrays together. Technically this will be faster than array_merge too! Spreads also support anything implementing Traversable.


Do you have multiple #Laravel factory states and you want to seed the database with each state? Take this example where it will ask you how many entries for each state you want to create


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