Using Your Brain--For a Change

Description:If you are into nlp, you may notice it can be hit and miss when it comes to finding good books which convey nlp and how to do it in an interesting, fascinating and even an exciting way.Based on Bandler trainings, and edited by Steve and Connirae Andreas, 'Using Your Brain' definitely falls into the hit category. If you are like me, as you read along, it's like being at the actual training doing the actual exercises, learning from observing others, seeing their issues being resolved, appreciating how brillant Bandler's thinking and reframing can be.It's apparent that this book introduces the swish pattern which can be useful for changing compulsions and habits.Working with submodalities was pretty new, and pretty exciting to work on something as one reads along. It's like being present at the invention of the wheel. Submodalities are the finer distinctions of your visual, auditory or kinesthetic representations.For example, if you think about something you like that you would like to dislike, say alcohol or tobacco, your pictures, sounds or sensations of what you like and dislike are probably of a different size and in a different location, intensity etc, so you can change the size and location of what you like to what you dislike, and stop desiring alcohol. Useful.I also like the chapters on belief change, learning, and understanding confusion, which enables you to contrast the different pictures you make in different states, and how you can change them and make them more useful. I used this on singing technique and got many more favorable comments than usual.Steve Andreas book Change Your Mind-And Keep the Change : Advanced NLP Submodalities Interventions was inspired partly by and intended to be read with this book, and discusses many things not discussed in this book such as Timelines, and also discusses the swish and submodalities in even more detail.

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Book Title: Using Your Brain--For a Change

Book Author: Richard Bandler

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